GOLD Associates

Many GOLD alumni wish to be leadership donors to Centre but do not yet have the means since they are still in the early stages of their careers and starting a family. With this in mind, we offer GOLD alumni the opportunity to become Centre Associates – our leadership gift club – at a reduced level. The normal level to be an Associate is $1,000, but GOLD alumni can be a member for $100 multiplied by the number of years since graduation.

For the 2014-15 fiscal year the level to be an Associate is as follows, based on the following class years:

2014 & 2013: $100
2012: $200
2011: $300
2010: $400
2009: $500
2008: $600
2007: $700
2006: $800
2005: $900
2004: $1,000



As the newest members of Centre’s alumni community, your participation in giving back is of the utmost importance to the continued success the College. A gift from you says that Centre continues to provide an incredible experience. A gift from you says that our most recent graduates support the fundamental principles of our mission. A gift from you says that Centre has a bright future because you continue to be the “most fiercely loyal alumni in the world”.