Student Advancement Board


What is the Student Advancement Board?


The Student Advancement Board (SAB) is a group of Centre students who have accepted the task to lead the Senior Scholarship Campaign.

You will be hearing from SAB members throughout the year as they approach the senior class to ask for support in this mission. The board members are in charge of appropriately educating the class as to the importance of our goal, and to give opportunities to you to support it.


Who is the Student Advancement Board?

In spring 2011 members of Centre’s Faculty and Staff were asked to make nominations for SAB. The following students were later enrolled into the Class of 2012 Student Advancement Board.

Kara Beer
Patty Cowley
Tony Distler
Anne Evans
Elizabeth Fenwick
Jordan Fitch
Jennifer Griffith
Andrew Hornick
Erin Jansen
Rebecca Juhl
Sara Muren
Allen Schagene
Tess Simon
Jameson Stephens
Ben Vockery
Jordan Wilkinson
Jerry Yang