Scholarship Campaign

Class of 2014 Scholarship Campaign


Join us in giving back to Centre! The time has come for us to show our gratitude to those who walked before us and paved the way for our Centre Experience.


The Student Advancement Board is pleased to announce the Class of 2014 Scholarship Campaign. We are now asking you to support our goal and help us to make a Centre education accessible to a worthy student who needs our support.


Counting On It


Did you know that tuition only accounts for less than 75% of the cost of the Centre Experience. This means that every single student receives a 25% discount before they even set foot on campus. On top of this, 85% of Centre students are awarded institutional financial aid – 60% receive need-based aid and would probably not otherwise be able to study here.


Every year the College’s financial aid office gives away millions of dollars in financial aid to worthy students who need assistance – but it is never enough. Every single student counts on private support from alumni, parents and friends who make annual gifts to the College to bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of the Centre Experience.


Class of 2014 Scholarship


The Student Advancement Board created a project to help future generations of Centre students – just as we have been helped ourselves. We are raising money for a scholarship that will be awarded to an incoming freshman of the Class of 2018. The recipient will be a worthy student who has demonstrated excellence in their pre-Centre career, but needs assistance in order to attend the College.


We are asking all members of the senior class to make a modest gift in aid of this goal. You could give $100 to become a Centre Associate, or perhaps $20.14 in honor of our senior year, or any amount that you feel comfortable with.


This is a fantastic opportunity for us to help a future student receive the gift of a Centre education – and at the same time show gratitude for those who helped us.