Honor Walk


Honor Walk is one of Centre’s greatest new traditions, now in its twelfth year. On the day before Commencement, the senior class gathers in front of Old Centre to honor the individuals who have had the greatest impact on their Centre Experiences. It may be professors, coaches, parents, or friends – it is entirely up to each student.

Current seniors can register online to participate in Honor Walk 2014 by emailing Krista Rinehart at krista.rinehart@centre.edu and we will send an invitation to your honoree.

Honor Walk 2014 takes place on May 24 at 5:00pm. Two members of the Student Advancement Board will get the ceremony underway by presenting a check to President Roush. This check will be the money raised in the Class of 2014 Senior Campaign, and will fund a scholarship for an incoming student in the Class of 2018.

Students will then line up and walk through Old Centre before presenting their 2014 talent to their honoree next to the Centre seal. Friends and families are invited to watch this moving and very special ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I register?

Please email Krista Rinehart at krista.rinehart@centre.edu


Who should I honor?

Anybody you like – the idea is that honor the single person who has had the most profound impact on your Centre Experience – be it a family member, professor/staff member, coach, friend, mentor etc. You are allowed to honor only one person, but you can honor both of your parents if you wish.


What if my parents are divorced?

You can still honor them both. When you register, include the second address in the additional info section. Typically students still honor both parents at the same time, but if need be, you can do it separately. If you need to do this, please mention it in the additional info box.


I want to honor somebody who has passed away. Can I do that?

Yes – several students do this every year. Typically, you present your talent to somebody else in memory of the person you actually wish to honor. For example, your announcement would be read like this: “James Barnard is honoring Janet Jackson, in memory of Michael Jackson.”


The person I wish to honor is unable to attend the ceremony. What shall I do?

It is up to you. You can either pick somebody else to honor and let us know who it is, or you can still honor the original person but present your talent to them in private. If you do this, we can still print their name in the program so it goes on record.