Giving Opportunities to support Centre

Phonathon is an essential part of our annual giving campaign, enabling us to connect with alumni, parents, and friends of the College. The mission of Centre Phonathon is to ethically solicit financial gifts to the College in aid of scholarships and the overall Centre Experience. During the fall and spring 2012-2013 Phonathon seasons, callers raised $401,182 from 3,211 alumni and friends of the College.

On behalf of the phonathon team I would like to extend a warm and generous thank you to our 3,211 donors who made a total gift amount of $401,182!
Molly Jernigan ’10, Developement Fellow

When to Expect Your Call

We host two calling seasons each fiscal year. The 2012 Fall Phonathon session ran from September through the end of November. The 2013 Spring session began in February and will run through the spring semester as we finish out our fiscal year campaign.
We only call constituents who have not yet made a gift or pledge to the College in the current fiscal year. If you pledge in the fall, we will not call you in the spring.
Phonathon is the easiest way to pledge your support to Centre. Make sure we have your phone number on record so that you won’t miss the opportunity to speak with a current student.

Our Team

We are very proud to have a fantastic group of students on hand to connect with our constituents. Here are just a few of the people you might hear from during this year’s calling season:

2012-2013 Roster

Class of 2013: Elizabeth Donelan, Ashley, Eklund, Laura Heida, Jennifer O’Brien, Olivia Orrender, Laura Thudium and Lisa Wang
Class of 2014: Vanessa Bacorn, CJ Donald, Eric Gantzer, Bryce Miller and Maria Mosquera
Class of 2015: Caroline Anderegg, Brie Barnett, Alex Bell, Tyhgita Cespedes, Ali Gutier, Rachel Kinnison, Sophia Mahmood, Sam Norris and Alcina Tran