Parent Fund

The Parent Fund supports annual projects to enhance our campus and provide special programs that make the Centre Experience unique.

The Parent Fund allows parents to make a tangible difference in the quality of students’ lives on campus. By supporting the Parent Fund, you enhance the Centre Experience for all students.

The Parent Fund not only supports such vital College needs as recruiting and retaining the best faculty, upgrading learning technology, and improving campus facilities, but also campus enhancements and extra programs that make Centre such a special place. The Parent Fund has sponsored projects like the renovation of a video screening room in the library, the addition of a campus game room in the new student center, and free newspapers in campus hotspots.

The Parent Fund provides an opportunity for parents to touch the day-to-day lives of Centre students. Every gift, regardless of size, represents an investment in the Centre Experience today and tomorrow. When students call home with tales of relaxing in the game room or screening a video in the library, Parent Fund supporters can smile proudly and know that they have made a difference.

2013-2014 Parent Fund Projects

  1. Continued support for a new student internship program, which will help students offset the costs of transportation and housing.
  2. Furnish a new study space in the Grace Doherty Library
  3. Provide matching funds for a student-sponsored EPA-funded composting project
  4. Assist with the expenses associated the student airport shuttle service