Who’s Calling?: Caroline Anderegg ’15

The phone will ring. You’ll recognize the number, excitedly wondering who you’ll get to talk to during Centre’s Fall Phonathon. In this series, we will shed some light on that mystery, and offer you some background information on this Fall’s Phonathon callers, so you will know who’s calling when you pick up the phone. (Or, if Phonathon isn’t really your thing, you can make a gift online.)

Name and Class Year: Caroline Anderegg ’15

Where are your from? What’s your major? I’m from Louisville, KY, and majoring in Politics with a minor in Art History.

caroline anderegg

Caroline Anderegg ’15 is a Phonathon caller this fall.

What are you involved in on campus? I am a member of Tri Delta and currently serve as the Vice President for Public Relations and Finance on the Panhellenic Council.  I also serve as the Second Vice Chair for the Centre College Republicans.  I am a member of Colonel Corps and have been involved on the Greek Week Steering Committee for the past two years. 

Why do you participate in Phonathon? I do it for the phone calls where I can’t get more than an introduction out before being interrupted with “I’ve been waiting for your call!” or ending a conversation by being thanked for what I’m doing.  Rarely do I leave work not in a better mood than when I got there.

What does the phrase “The Centre Experience” mean to you? To me, “The Centre Experience” is so much more than graduating in four years having studied abroad and done research or an internship.  Being at Centre is all about building relationships with professors, classmates, and friends that will encourage you to keep at it even when it’s 2 am and you just started your research paper due the next day.

What is your most memorable Phonathon call so far? I once talked to a woman had the same first name, major, study abroad location and campus organizations as me.  Needless to say it was a pretty great conversation.

 What is your favorite discussion topic when you make a call? It depends on the person.  If we were involved in similar things, I like talking about that.  However, my favorite part of a call is personally thanking whomever I’m calling for giving in the past as well as current giving.  I think it’s important to talk about the real, tangible difference their support makes to me—I wouldn’t be able to go to Centre if it weren’t for each of these calls.


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