Who’s Calling?: Bryce Miller ’14

The phone will ring. You’ll recognize the number, excitedly wondering who you’ll get to talk to during Centre’s Fall Phonathon. In this series, we will shed some light on that mystery, and offer you some background information on this Fall’s Phonathon callers, so you will know who’s calling when you pick up the phone. (Or, if Phonathon isn’t really your thing, you can make a gift online.)

Name and Class Year: Bryce Miller ’14


Bryce Miller ’14 is a Phonathon caller this fall.

Where are you from? What’s your major? I am from Louisville, not too far up the road, and am a Financial Economics major.

What are you involved in on campus? I am Vice-President of a fraternity, I formerly played a sport, and am President of the Centre Investment Society, in addition to the hours I put into Phonathon.

Why do you participate in Phonathon? I am really grateful for the financial aid grant I received to attend Centre.  I know that this was all made possible by the generous gifts from Centre alumni, and I feel a sense of duty to facilitate this process to ensure future generations can be as lucky as I have been.

What does the phrase “The Centre Experience” mean to you? The Centre Experience encapsulates a million things that cannot be put into words, but I’ll do my best.  At its heart, the Centre Experience is the close bonds I have been able to form with my peers, faculty, and staff—bonds that I believe can only be formed at the small, tight-knit campus culture found at Centre.

What is your most memorable Phonathon call so far? One time a talked to a Centre alumnus from ’48 about all aspects of life.  She even played for a clip of her granddaughter singing a solo song, which was truly beautiful.  We talked for 45 minutes, and it was amazing that I could connect in such a way with a person that I had never met before.

What do you plan on doing after Graduation? Hopefully making a gazillion dollar and giving half of it back to Centre, in addition to starting a family and keeping up with the close friends I have made in the past three and a half years.



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