A Reunion Reflection

By Leslie Hast Hill ’08

The weekend ended like so many while we were students—with a good, long Cowan sit. For only $10, we commandeered a big round table, ate the exact same breakfast potatoes and relived the weekend.

I realized that none of the students I was eating with had ever experienced the previous Cowan—my Cowan—and that we had probably stolen someone’s table, with no knowledge of the new “seating chart.” We marveled at the waffles emblazoned with the college logo, but I missed those chairs that recline slightly and invite you to sit there forever. It was a perfect cap to our five-year reunion, to briefly feel like students again, even as all signs pointed to our age.

Jake and Leslie Hill

Jake and Leslie Hill, both members of the Class of 2008, celebrated their 5th reunion this year at Centre’s Homecoming Weekend.

Our reunion party was held in the Warehouse, where we used to meet at the Grille and hold Rocky Horror singalongs, but now mostly serves as office space. The party’s atmosphere was admittedly a little stiff until Roy Lee Wigginton ’08 broke out some speakers and we put on Brian and Taylor U’Sellis’ wedding reception dance mix. President and Mrs. Roush arrived just in time for a “Wagon Wheel” singalong, which I will always think of as our official class song.

I experienced a little reunion bonus when Roy Lee presented me with a letter I wrote myself at orientation in June 2004, just before starting at Centre. He found it while working in the Student Life Office and saved it from the trash. The letter perfectly captured my anxiety at starting a new chapter in life, wondering how everything would turn out.

Nine years later, I really couldn’t imagine a more fulfilling life, and I have Centre to thank for so much of it.

Even before being indoctrinated in Roush’s Rules, I wrote to myself: “I hope you have no regrets, because life gives you so many chances to just start again fresh.” In our five years post-Centre, there have been marriages and births, moves and new jobs and more degrees. But no matter what changes, Centre is always here to welcome us home. I can’t wait to be back in five years to see how we’ve all changed again. The only true constant is our loyalty to Centre Dear.

Leslie Hast Hill headshotLeslie Hast Hill is a writer and editor in the Office of News & Communications at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She lives in East Nashville with her husband Jake Hill ’08.

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